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Spring Buds
Spring Foliage
Harbor Belle™ in Your Landscape
Harbor Belle™ will make a wonderful addition to any landscape. She is a tough and dependable performer even in the most adverse conditions. Performing equally well in the sun or shade, she can be used in a variety of landscape situations such as mass plantings, groundcover, or as an individual specimen.
Planting Instructions
  • Dig hole, allowing 6–12″ between the root ball the the sides of the hole.
  • Carefully remove the container from the root ball.
  • Plant her deep enough that the top of the root ball is level with the existing soil.
  • Backfill with topsoil to eliminate air pockets.
  • Soak thoroughly with water and top off with 3–4″ of mulch.
  • Water thoroughly twice weekly in the growing season, or as needed until established.
  • Fertilize 1–3 times during the growing season.
Home Landscape
Home Landscaping
General Care
Harbor Belle™ can be planted in most any soil that has adequate drainage. As with most plants, she does not like standing in water.